Bonus Mount Rushmore: Bobsled Team

With the Olympics upon us and everyone caught up in the thrilling finishes and heartbreak. It got us to thinking: what is the perfect bobsled team of the video game world? This bonus Mount Rushmore will tackle that question and provide the perfect bobsled team that would capture gold (and our hearts). Bob (Tekken): It’s […]

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Interview: #GirlsBehindTheGames

New Zealand based developer/publisher, Runaway, is on a mission to bring awareness and gender equality to the gaming industry through the use of the social media campaign, #GirlsBehindTheGames. Despite only being a few weeks old, the campaign has gained a lot of steam. Many women have used the campaign as an opportunity to finally shed […]

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Review: Shadow of the Colossus

Verdict: 8 Colossi out of 16 Unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, Shadow of the Colossus is truly the most original game on the planet. Actually, it does vaguely remind us of a game that was released for the PlayStation 2, then remastered and re-released on the PlayStation 3, and then again made available on […]

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Monday Mount Rushmore: Bachelors

It’s that time of the week again! With Valentines day on the horizon and love being in the foggy air, we decided this week to focus on the bachelors of the video game world. So ladies (or males) out there make sure to take notice of this one! Without further ado: Bowser(Super Mario): Up first […]

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Top Stories 2/4 – 2/11

Dynasty Warriors 9 Will Now Have Less Chinese People   Nintendo Labo Meet Sony Stabo   Breaking News: Zangief Banned from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition   Official EVO 2018 List   Twitch Deemed As A Nuclear Wasteland   Himalayan Miners Look Elsewhere for Salt

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Twitch Deemed As A Nuclear Wasteland

Chernobyl (BFN) – Government officials have deemed the popular live streaming platform, Twitch as a nuclear wasteland. This should come as no surprise as Twitch, a breeding ground for waste has continued to pollute and spread its toxic radiation all through the internet. “Twitch creates new pollutants every single day. And the pollutants are the worst kind. […]

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Official EVO 2018 List

The RedBull Twitch Channel released the 8 games that will be showcased at this year’s Evolution Championship Series . Here is the list: Power Stone Soul Calibur III Battle Arena Toshinden Virtua Fighter II Marvel vs Capcom 2 Mortal Kombat III Tekken 3 Street Fighter II EVO will take place in Las Vegas from August […]

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Fox McCloud Aboard SpaceX Rocket

Space (BFN) – We have just discovered that the pilot behind Falcon Heavy, is none other then Star Fox Team leader, Fox McCloud. The Falcon Heavy had its maiden voyage just yesterday and it is now looking like its success was due in large part thanks to Fox. No word yet on how Elon Musk […]

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Nintendo Labo Meet Sony Stabo

Only a few weeks removed from the unveiling of the Nintendo Labo, Sony has released the Stabo. Sony is hoping that the Sony Stabo will be able to cut through the Nintendo Labo and help carve out a piece of the lucrative box market for themselves. Other then the image below, not much info regarding […]

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Monday Mount Rushmore: Athletes

It’s that time of the week again! With the Winter Games upon us in a few days, (This Thursday openning ceremony starting at 9 PM ECT / 6 PM PCT on NBC) it is only natural that this weeks Mount Rushmore should he focused on the greatest athletes and competitors in video game history. Without […]

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Mother Who Doesn’t Allow Kids To Play Video Games, Plays Games Herself

California – Meet 41 year old Daisy Wentz, mother of three children and apparently an avid gamer. “I play video games all the time.” Daisy said. “Well, actually only when after the kids go to school or after they’ve gone to bed. I don’t like them playing video games.” That’s right, despite enjoying video games […]

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SOS to be Aired on CBS

While SOS is a reality show that is growing rapidly in population, many viewers are turned off by the fact that at least thirteen people are dying each episode only to entertain about fifty people. The SOS team agree with the viewers and decided to team up with CBS in order to make the deaths […]

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Link Arrested In Alaska

Yesterday, Kotaku reported on a story in which Link, the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda series was arrested in Anchorage, Alaska. According to Kotaku, Link attacked a man named T.P. after a scuffle broke out between the man and the elf. The incident escalated when Link pulled out his Master Sword, taking several swings […]

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Sombra to Retire from Overwatch

In the past few days, Sombra, true name Olivia Colomar, has made an announcement regarding her position in the Overwatch roster. “I’m retiring. This is too much for me, I just want to have a family.” Sombra stated. When we asked her what she plans to be doing instead, she responded, “Probably Cyber Security. I […]

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Top Stories: 1/21 – 1/28

From Dragon Ball FighterZ to well, Dragon Ball FighterZ, here are the top stories from this week.   Mount Rushmore of DBZ Characters   Tamriel Government Shutdown   Overwatch League Suspension   5 Candidates Who Should Play Duke Nukem   New Dragon Age To Include More Dragons   Micro-transactions Coming to Super Smash Bros.   […]

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Review: Dragon Ball FighterZ

Our Decree: 8 our of 7 Dragon Balls, which equates to like 4 out 7 Namekian Dragon Balls. Released to much fanfare, Dragon Ball FighterZ is being well received by many. However, does it pass the BFN test? Well after spending an extensive amount of time with the game in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, here […]

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BREAKING: Overwatch League Suspends Player for Congratulating Opponent

Hanamura (BFN) It appears that the new Overwatch pro gamer league is wrapped up in its first controversy that surrounds all professional sports. Pro Overwatch player Tyler Jackson, who goes by the user name RogueKiller93 was suspened for three matches after he congratuled his opponent after the match. Spectators in the crowd recall him saying […]

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