With the recent success of Guerrilla Games Playstation 4 exclusive game Horzion Zero Dawn, they have announced a full new add-on that will go under the name “Horzion Zero Dawn: Noon”.

Not much is known about the new add-on but developers have revealed that it will be set approximately five to six hours after the main story line had ended and will have the same characters, possibly hungrier. 

When asked about the upcoming DLC, the unpaid intern stated that: “I don’t know man, I guess they just wanted to make an add-on for the gamer who likes to sleep in a little bit. Beats me.” When asked about any additional content that may be added they noted: “I mean they’ll probably be some cool new weapons or shit. Truthfully I’m just trying to build my resume for school and what not so I can get a real job someday.” 

The DLC is expected to drop sometime around late August-ish and will coast about as much money as the original game.

More updates as they develop.